WiredTree Is The Best Managed Hosting Soultion

WiredTree set out in 2006 to provide a superior hosting environment for their customers. In review of the testimonials they’ve received- they have accomplished this goal.

The modern internal support structure they’ve created handles customer’s issues faster. Assurance of resolutions is enhanced by the fact that they do all their own support- no outsourcing.

Simply put- WiredTree will take care and completely manage your server and you can focus on your business. They have two reasonable, separate network designs; a private internal and a public internet. This allows them to safely provide a range of services ‘network-to-network’. This is not something you can find with any other providers.

With 24/7/365 support for all software, including OS and control panel, you are completely ensured of your server always being secure. Advanced monitoring on all servers is also on a 24/7/365 basis. You will not have any server concerns, as WiredTree, will be there keeping everything on track.

Full support is provided for the hardware in your server. Their protection is backed with a ‘guarantee to replace it within 1 hour’. Replacement parts are kept on-site, as well as a complete set of tools in your portal to allow you complete control of your hardware.

The networking environment is both secure and reliable. WiredTree also guarantees this with a 100% uptime SLA. Every customer is confined to their own VLAN. This ensures security for their entire network. The system is constantly monitored for performance.

An all-inclusive set of tools and services is in their Server Shield package. This is designed to create; security, performance and a reliable server and at a affordable price when using this wired tree coupon

In another testimonial by a New York web design company, it was stated, “We always recommend WiredTree to our clients”. Over the years they have been with WiredTree, they can find no other service that can compare to the quality service they’ve received. In this same statement it was said that not only are WiredTree services reliable and easy, their customer support is awesome.

With the use of the industry’s leading server-grade hardware, they can ensure that they will meet the growing needs of their customers. The dual-core processors; SATAII, IPMI 2.0, SA-SCCSI, with a full buffered memory and 1000Mbps Ethernet ports, they are prepared for the hosting industry today and tomorrow.